FIRM Hegedus Architects and its predecessor firm Dent + Hegedus Architects are in continuous operation for 43 years, accumulating experience in a multitude of project types, small and large, new buildings, renovation, additions, historic preservation, planning, interior design, studies, reports and graphic design.

PRINCIPAL Imre Hegedus, AIA, NCARB, is a 1955 graduate of the school of architecture, Budapest, Hungary. As all graduates, he had to work for a year as a project manager in the construction industry to gain first-hand knowledge of the construction process; his participation in the Hungarian uprising, which was crushed by the Soviet Union, forced him into exile. A few months after arriving in New Orleans, he started to work as an intern for the well-respected firm of Burk, Lebreton and Lamantia. In 1960, he became a U.S. citizen and shortly after a partner of Dent + Hegedus architects. In 1971, he continued his practice as Hegedus Architects. He is licensed to practice architecture in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Missouri and is holder of NCARB certificate, which facilitates registration in most of the other states.

OUR MISSION Architecture is an integral part of man’s life, reflecting his ideals, his needs, his beliefs and his aspirations. Its successful creation requires a refinement of many talents, energies and ideas. Hegedus Architects are engaged in architecture that is based on two major ideals – a professional attitude of aesthetic and functional design and a conscientious determination and implementation of the client’s physical and economic needs. To accomplish this, we retain competent and experienced employees and professionals of the various disciplines necessary to provide for the completeness and safety of all projects. The resulting team of architects, engineers, consultants, designers and draftsmen assures the client of a highly competent development of his building endeavor. The firm of Hegedus Architects strives to achieve architecture of outstanding quality, environmental excellence, aesthetic integrity and creative design, in time and within budget.